Are hiring manager's in the UK travelling back in time?

Has the tide turned? 

Are more hiring Managers choosing to use the traditional recruitment agency again?

Finding the right candidates can sometimes be difficult, simply because they can be hard to find. If candidates don’t position themselves as ‘actively seeking a job ’ then they are most likely to have a trusted, specialist recruiter who commits to job applications on their behalf – that’s access to a ‘talent pool’ that may be unreachable otherwise..

Industry Knowledge

Specialist Agencies are an invaluable resource to any hiring manager, because they have a finger on the pulse, a deep understanding of their industry & years of relationship building & networking in their sector.

In specialist agencies, there is knowledge of the job roles and an in depth knowledge of the sector, which together bring a better understanding to make the match.


Agencies develop their own niche databases of candidates that they stay in regular contact with, & also have access to additional paid-for databases and multiple job boards to top up their candidate pool. So they do not only rely on just an advertisement, but have access to passive candidates who might not be looking for work, but are more suited to your position.

Networking and Relationships

A consultant who has been around for a while will have developed relationships in the industry, and have relationships with candidates that may not be on the market, in addition they have active candidates in their applicant pool who could be an immediate fit for your open job position.

Longstanding candidates and clients regularly collaborate with consultants to cover bookings, connecting the consultant to their own network within a private space. This gives the Recruitment Agency candidate pool a deeper and more proactive level to explore.

The Invisible Candidate

The best candidates don’t usually go out to market with their CV, but choose to work inside a confidential network. So, if these top candidates are not looking at your adverts, they are also outside of your reach.

Besides not looking at adverts, this type of candidate will reach out to an Agency consultant as their first step towards looking for a new position.

Time Saving

On the flip side of the invisible candidate is the trigger-happy CV shot gunner, who will fire off their CV to everyone in the hope that something sticks. These candidates will waste your time and internal resources by drowning you in a sea of unsuitable CV's. Agencies first filter the best CV's from the unsuitable one, and then further filter the candidates through an interview and vetting process, before compiling and presenting a shortlist of suitable, interested and available candidates.

Quickly too

Agencies have a pool of pre-vetted and already interviewed candidates, which quickens things up. They are also experienced and proficient at filtering through a mountain of paper and people to find that one perfect fit as quickly as possible. This saves time because they shortlist for you & vet and interview….

Recruitment agencies will ordinarily only shortlist the correctly qualified personnel, meaning that you don’t have to and they also take on the risk by offering a money back guarantee,  if the candidate doesn't work out within a stipulated time frame.

Ease & Flexibility

Efficiency – Consultants will deal with all administrative issues such as: all communications with applicants, including scheduling interviews, notifying unsuccessful ones and providing feedback; and verifying candidate information including qualifications and reference checking.

Immediate access into a network of skilled and professional Temps, to fill any urgent employee gaps is another advantage of using an agency.  

A Complex Endeavour

It’s one of the only selling jobs there is, where the product can turn around and refuse to be sold, even to an eager buyer at the asking price, or more. Professional fees for a Recruitment Agency service vary between 10% and 15% of annual salary, but it is a fixed cost for a time-saving professional service. Trying to go it alone can lock an employer into a  seemingly endless cycle of CV's, interviews and let-downs. Sometimes its worth leaving it to the ones in the know.

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Blade Recruitment is a niche agency that prides itself with an impressive database of facilities professionals, building services & maintenance people that we have connected with over the years.

We love what we do, our passion for recruitment & our drive to be the best in the industry  and a vested interest in making successful hires is what sets us apart from the rest. We know recruitment, we know facilities & maintenance & have a super power in research & resourcing the best candidate for the job.

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Blade Recruitment is a London based facilities & maintenance engineering recruitment agency that specialises in placing top calibre permanent and temporary staff to fm teams across the UK.

Every day at Blade Recruitment is an adventure, the culture is one of recruitment excellence, a thirst for knowledge & a constant strive to be the best in the industry, a continuous effort to be better & to improve on what we do by embracing new ideas & always testing the limits with new technology to ensure we are using the best tools for the work we do, to bring you results. Quality results, striving to find good candidates for roles that others find hard to fill, our consultants are skilled, armed & hard working, and really throw themselves at every challenge to make a difference to clients and candidates that they work with.

Blade Recruitment has nearly 20 years of recruitment experience in the facilities & maintenance industry working with some of the UK’s best companies, corporations and brands.

We truly understand the importance of building relationships with clients and candidates alike, allowing us to fully understand hiring needs and never compromising on quality. We can assure you that you are in safe hands. Ultimately we want to conduct first-class business in a first-class way.