Looking for a Career change?

Blade is a specialist Recruiter for the Facilities, Building Services & Maintenance jobs sector. We have a holistic approach to finding you the perfect job. We have an ideal: Every person should love what they do. 
Do not be the person who moans & winges. Be the person with passion, who cannot wait for Monday. 

Do not complain. 

Making noise about things that irritate you is not constructive. Evaluate the problem & really assess whether you can love your current position again? When you look at every aspect of what you are doing, if there is no possibility of happiness. Do not complain, you have a job, be grateful, but start actively looking to move in a positive and constructive manner. Be thankful for what you have & look forward to a positive change in the near future.

I want to look for a career move, what now?

Ideally leave your current position with a good energy from your side. Do it right. Be thankful & happy for now, every company you work for adds to who you are & makes up your CV, profile & employability. No matter how long the process to find a new job takes, give your best & be loyal to your current employer.

Social Media Evaluation

Evaluate how you look on all forms of Social Media. Look at your Facebook & see what is open to the public & limit the exposure. Be clever in what you show. Do not block people from viewing you, as this can be seen as you have something to hide. Instead; make your Facebook profile appealing to a potential employer who may come across your Profile. Check & ruthlessly recheck everything that can be seen.

LinkedIn Profile 

A good LinkedIn profile is essential, look at other profiles and compare to yours. You can get good tips online on the best ways to sell yourself on LinkedIn or you can get a professional to do this for you. There are many recruiters and companies today who recruit on LinkedIn & it is a good idea to put your best foot forward.

Profile Pictures

Choose good profile pictures. If you are in the job market, there will be people who will evaluate you on all forms of social media, so really select a good pictures for profile that show you as someone to contact about that job you want to get.


Once you have done the social media clean up & are looking "Ideal Candidate" ready online. It is time to get a good CV together. Here you need to make every word count. If the word is not going to get you the job, cut it. Keep it short. Highlight what makes you the perfect candidate & remove things that are excess & not required, like job descriptions of Jobs that are not relevant or too long ago. 

The CV is very important, look around for CV templates and tips online to help you or get a professional to assist if required


Get all the documents that you are likely to need, scan them and put them in an easy format and have them to hand. Try only select ones that are essential for getting you a position, do not send over loads of old outdated certificates. Put the most relevant and most NB first. In addition, if they are listed on your CV, also list by most NB first.


Get a list of references together, contact them and ask for written references. This can save a lot of time & energy in the long run. Ask if they are happy to be contacted as a referee, as some recruiters or future potential employers may want to chat to them.

What do you want.

Evaluate what you want in a new Job, what you do not want & have a good idea of the type of position that you are looking to achieve. Be selective in the roles you apply for. If you are going to move, make it count! If you are unsure, wait to be sure. It is essential to know where you are going & have a goal in mind during the process. If you want to achieve happiness at work, do not settle for something that is not right. 

A candidate that has too many job changes, is not seen as ideal & too many move will limit your options & cut your chance of getting a better position. So be really sure before messing with your profile, CV and sell-ability factors. 

You can have it all.

But you need to work hard too & give your all. You can go to work & love everyday. You are responsible for this. Not your employer. You create this. If you have to work, make the most of it, give your best, be loyal and the rest will follow. Be responsible for you. If you want to be the ideal candidate for the job you want, make sure your history shows you to have been the best worker in the job you were in, so that you are wanted by other employers. 

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