New Starter Information

On the day that you start work onsite for the first time,  please take your original Identity Documents to site for verification & present to the site manager. It is a legal requirement that original documents are verified. Please show your original passport & visa if you required for you to work in the UK. 

If the position is mobile & involves the use of a Company Vehicle; please email your current driver's license to & take the originals to site & also present to the Client on your first day of work.

Many of our clients are blue chip organisations or 5 star hotels. For this reason you need to be smartly dressed for work.  Dark work trousers & a white shirt with a collar would be ideal for all maintenance engineers & handymen positions, we do not recommend jeans or denim. 

If a uniform is not provided then you will need to have steel cap safety shoes or boots, black or navy blue work trousers & a black or navy blue polo collared t-shirt, shirt, or jumper. Please no logos, slogans or brands.

Office workers are required to wear office wear & painters will be required to wear whites. You could be asked to leave an assignment if you do not take care with personal presentation, grooming & hygiene.

In order to work for Blade Recruitment you must comply with the minimum Personal Protective Equipment requirements. Safety footwear is essential for all assignments.

A timesheet needs to be completed & signed weekly by your line manager. We cannot pay without a signed timesheet. This needs to be signed by the Site Manager that you are reporting to. Please email your signed timesheet to Do not post it, keep it to hand once you have sent it, in case we need it resent. 

The weekend day is Sunday at midnight. All signed & authorised timesheets must be received by Tuesday at 2 pm to be paid in the same week. 

Always keep a copy of your timesheet for your records.

You will be asked if you want to go PAYE or LTD when agreeing on pay rates, the rate is relevant to the way you want to be paid & will change if you change this. Please ensure we have all the details beforehand & you have sorted out the paperwork before the first timesheet is submitted. If you are unsure, then call & check with us. Please note that we cannot give advice on Limited Companies.

If you are a PAYE worker then we need a P45, or signed Starter Checklist before the first timesheet is processed to avoid you being emergency taxed. Click for more info:   

& for more info on the online starter checklist, please click the link.

Always ensure that you know the pay rate before you accept any assignment & never work any overtime without checking your overtime rate with Blade. Blade consultants are the only people that can agree rates & each assignment may have a different rate to the last assignment that you worked.

Overtime rates generally only apply when a minimum of 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week have been worked. It is important to confirm with your Blade Consultant before agreeing to work any overtime & to check what the rate will be. Overtime rates agreed with the head office of the company that you are working for, will not be the same as the workers that work direct for the company. In addition some clients have an agreed fixed flat rate for all overtime worked. All sites have different overtime & it is NB to verify for each assignment.

Directly employed temporary staff employed under Terms of Engagement contract sometimes known as PAYE. Under these terms we employ you as direct staff & deduct income tax & national insurance contributions each week. This is approximately 23% income tax to £30,000 per annum (40% above) & 12% NI. If you provide a P45 or complete a checklist, you will be entitled to a tax-free allowance, but this allowance applies to one employer at any time.

If you have your own limited company we require copies of the registered documents & also your company bank details. Self Employed Sub Contractors, Limited Company Contractors, Limited Liability Company Contractors, (engaged under a Conditions of Service Contract ). The rules regarding the payment of temporary contractors are changing all of the time. Blade will not make gross payments to a self employed or ltd company contractor unless confirmed with HMRC. If you wish use this option of payment, you will be asked to complete detailed paperwork so that we can accurately process your payment each week. 

Please note that we cannot give advice on Limited companies only factual information.

Blade will not pay any expenses or travel time unless this has been agreed in advance & receipts are provided. Please make sure it is agreed with a Blade Consultant.

If the company engages you direct in any capacity, or if there is any transfer of the same assignment to another agency or company, during or within an agreed period after the end of the assignment, the hirer may either be charged a fee for the period, or the assignment may be extended before the worker can take up work direct without charge to the hirer.
We expect trades people & skilled handy persons to supply hand tools suitable for their trade. These tools should comply to relevant British Standards for safety.

Permission to work in the UK or a valid work visa is req & photo ID to work for Blade. On the first day of work, original documents need to be presented to the Client & verified.

Please note that for all the mobile assignments that involve use of a company vehicle, Blade Recruitment will hold back payment of the last timesheet for a period of 4 weeks, this is to cover any outstanding fines, fees or parking tickets on the vehicle. After 4 weeks, we will get clearance from the Client & immediately the final payment will be made into your account. If there are any fines, then they will be deducted from the payment. All documents will be presented to you.