Vacancies for Maintenance Engineer Jobs in London

If you are looking for a job in the Maintenance industry in Greater London, please see our jobs & vacancy list .
If nothing suits below, Google Job Search has many other jobs to choose from: 

Click to go to Google Job Search for a Maintenance Engineer Job in London, if there is nothing suitable on our list below. 

For more information on Temporary Maintenance Engineer job or charge rates call our office 

0203 880 8803 or send an email to

Another good website to consider when looking for a new job is the Facilities Management Journal. Link included for your reference. Many large companies advertise jobs for Maintenance Engineers and other Facilities roles here.

Painter Available London

Need a Painter to make a fresh new start? Blade Recruitment has Painters to do any painting work that maybe needing a touch up, the perfect beginning... Paint the new year a bright and happy colour!

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Anonymous Applicant

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Stop Talking!

Listening is the Number One essential skill to polish up on for Interviewing new Recruits

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