Blade Tips for Interviews

Blade Tips for Interviews

X-Ray Eyes & The Holy Grail!

This is the ability to see through the CV & evaluate a Candidate, I want to say...
"the naked Candidate", but that just doesn't work!

Before "getting to know a Candidate" we evaluate them beyond that of a person.
So, what are our considerations?

The first for us as an agency is: 
Is it fair to ask someone to pay a fee to employ this person.

It doesn't mean the person is not employable, there are many ways to find work.

One of these being - using an agency, agency staff have a duty to their Client & it needs to be considered that there is a fee involved and so quality is crucial. 

If you are a Candidate & not having success with agencies finding you a new job:
Find another way!

Go direct to the companies you want to work for, because you could do really well if you got the position, but right now you are not worth the price of an agency fee.

Do not give up hope, just change direction.

For the Agency, once the first point is checked, we have to evaluate whether it is real.
Is this all smoke & mirrors or the real deal!

The first part is often based on a CV that is presented to a Recruiter.

So the CV & timeline need to be tested & checked thoroughly, this is the key,
the X-Factor, in knowing whether the Candidate is still worth the asking price.

Does the person know their CV? What were their reasons for leaving previous positions?

This is the holy grail!

If you have vacancies that are hard to fill call Blade, we are specialists in the industry & have a good database and relationships with people. We fill vacancies others find hard to.

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