Blade Recruitment New Home

Blade Recruitment New Home

Welcome to our new home... our small little space in the world wide web!

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It feel so special to be working on this project, hoping it will be a good representation of Blade,
out there in the Abyss.

So, we are slowly moving home, meticulously planning & packaging all the important things & moving them & re-organising. Going through every item and deciding whether to bin or keep.
Some are sentimental & some ... well we had no idea they were even there!

It will take some time, as 15 years & lots of things to sort through & well, we hope that anyone who comes here to visit us, will love the new fresh Webspace when its all done...

Happy Hunting to anyone visiting because they looking for the perfect job.

& if you looking for someone with the x-factor, you need x-ray eyes, it isn't luck, it is a skill to be a good recruiter, you need talent & we really do go for broke when we interview.

Quality Recruitment & xray eyes are the USP for any good recruiter!